Bodo Tasche

software developer

Portrait photo of Bodo Tasche
(Photo by @michaelem)

I am a freelance polyglot developer and love HTML5, testing, JavaScript, Ruby and Elixir.

Besides freelancing I am also working on Wishlephant and

In the nearly 20 years of working in the tech industry I have been in lots of different roles, from Java to Elixir, from backend developer at a 3 people team in an early phase startup to the CTO of a web agency. I even organized a 250 people conference called eurucamp in 2015. With SignDict I was selected to be in the first round of the Prototype Fund. Bits of Berlin was my home in the podcasting world. And I co-wrote the proposal to add the sloth proposal to the unicode emoji set 🦥.

Need help developing your MVP or to add new features into your current app? Need a CTO or a front/backend developer for hire? Talk to me.

Want to find out more about me? Read my blog, Twitter or Github repository. You can find my talks on Speaker Deck.

Want to talk?

I speak German, English and German Sign Language.

Bodo Tasche
Richard-Sorge-Str. 59
10249 Berlin

+49 30 41728894
PGP key id: 0x75CF15D5BE5B07AA


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